Furious Collective is a venture production studio.  

We are pursuing a new paradigm for starting technology businesses in Silicon Valley. Our primary goal is to launch multiple businesses that can each become profitable within twelve months of inception and continue to grow profitably.  

From a market segmentation standpoint, we are interested developing company concepts that fit into one or more of the following thematic areas or concepts:

  • Industry-Specific Solutions:
    Companies focused on solving a specific problem for a specific vertical industry
  • Indie Hacker Addressable Opportunities:
    Companies typically led by a solo founder (or two) that can rise from inception to first customer in a matter of a few months and rapidly achieve profitability
  • Regenerative Market Opportunities:
    Companies that address markets where the customer population is continually regenerating itself, for example, a product that addresses the needs of a home buyer can service a never-ending stream of home buyers as time progresses
  • Gig Economy Enablers:
    Companies that ride the steady wave of workers ditching 9 to 5 jobs for gig and contract jobs in their chosen profession
  • IT Operations Tools and Infrastructure:
    Companies that have built interesting daily use products to support in-the-trenches work for IT professionals
  • Helping Small and Medium Businesses become more efficient
    We think that the tools and processes that the big guys use should be available to businesses at all levels. Sales Performance tools, Marketing/Lead management processes and HR systems can all have an impressive impact on everyone's bottom line. And best practices and techniques should be available to businesses of all sizes.

Our primary role in launching these businesses includes ideation, market validation, initial product development, market entry and first customer acquisition. As each business approaches market availability, we will recruit entrepreneur-minded, rising-star CEO and CTO talent to grow the business in a responsible, profitable way.  

We will also consider acquiring software-based businesses that fit within our target market framework and have already established themselves with between $250,000 and $1,500,000 annual revenue and are presently profitable or have clear line of site to profitability. If you are the founder/owner of such a business, please Contact Us.

Furious Collective will provide the financial backing for these teams to establish themselves and achieve profitability without dependence on traditional venture backing. Our model keeps control, ownership and optionality in the hands of founding teams.

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Furious Collective would love to discuss working with you in any of the following ways:

CEO/CTO Founder
You are ready to take on a new challenge and launch a startup. We are looking for rising-star talent to join our teams as co-founders along with us. We have ideas, we have multiple companies in flight today and we are looking for leaders to drive them forward.

Moonlight or Freelance Technical, Marketing or Sales Talent
You want to dip your toe in the water in the very early stages of starting a technology business and see where it leads. We are interested in talking with people who have experience, time and initiative.

Killer Idea
You have an idea that’s exciting and you think it’s the type of idea that could fit our model of getting to market and getting profitable quickly. We are constantly looking for and vetting new ideas and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your idea with you.

Help with your Small Business
You have bootstrapped a small technology business that’s already generating revenue and you’re not sure how to take it to the next level. Our primary model is to launch new businesses from scratch, but we consider partnering and investing in promising small technology businesses that fit our model.

Business for Sale
You have built a business and you would consider selling some or all of that business to Furious Collective. We are seeking opportunities to purchase small software-based businesses with between $250,000 and $1,500,000 in annual revenue that are currently profitable or have line-of-sight to profitability. After reading our About Us, Contact Us if you think there could be a fit.

Investment in Furious Collective
You like what you hear and you’d like to talk about investing with Furious Collective. At this time, Furious Collective is not accepting outside investment. However, we may consider working with outside investors in the future, so let us know if you are interested.


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Furious Collective was founded by serial entrepreneurs to establish a new paradigm in establishing technology companies in Silicon Valley.

For general inquiries, contact us at bee_cool@furiouscollective.com or complete the form below:

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