Great Culture Doesn't Make Great Companies, but ...

Great Culture Doesn't Make Great Companies, but ...

As a leader or CEO you have to build pathways for great culture to grow and thrive and you also have to make some hard and decisive decisions about what you need to remove from your culture.  That sometimes means firing a mis-aligned employee and, at other times, means strongly and immediately correcting cultural mis-steps.  Though none of us are perfect, as CEOs and leaders, we must, of course, lead by example as well.

Cult of Personality

Just before launching Furious Collective, the good people at Instapage created a Podcast featuring an interview with me about culture and leadership.  

I had a great time reflecting on many lessons learned in a career building companies like KACE and AvantGo and, also, helping build great companies as an investor with Toba Capital.  

I hope you'll enjoy the interview which is available here in written form or as an audio podcast.