Furious Collective Expands with Two Acquisitions

We’ve had a busy winter at The Collective! Today, we are pleased to announce two recently completed acquisitions to bolster FormKeep’s position as a leader in the online form and form backend space.

When we acquired FormKeep in October 2017, we knew that the growing wave of companies, organizations and individuals creating static websites would lead to a large number of potential customers looking to add data capture and simple web applications to their static sites.

FormKeep the leading form backend in the market hosting over 4.5 million form transactions each year. Our vision for FormKeep is to consolidate a variety of adjacent capabilities in the forms sector into a single, growing, profitable company.

It is in that context we are pleased to announce that FormKeep has acquired 99Inbound and FormBakery, including the open source project GridForms. Please keep an eye on the FormKeep website as we uncover our plans for delivering the world’s best solutions for static website builders.