Fast and Furious in 2017

Furious Collective Year in Review

About a year ago, we launched a venture production studio called Furious Collective.  

Our primary goal continues to be to launch or acquire multiple software businesses that can each become profitable within twelve months of inception and continue to grow profitably. We represent the alternative approach to business building that sits opposite of high growth, high cash burn. After one year, we believe now more than ever that our noble goal is both achievable and rewarding along the way.

Looking back on our first year, we feel that we have accomplished a lot and, yet, there is so much more to do. So, what have we been up to?

  • 200+ Ideas:
    Early in 2017 we consolidated a list of over 200 company ideas in various thematic areas. From that list, we selected the 8 really interesting ideas for additional research.

  • 2 Incubation Projects:
    From our priority list of 8 projects, we selected 2 areas to start new companies from scratch. We’re not ready to announce any of these yet; however, we have a CEO spearheading each of these initiatives and you can read more about them below. You will see alpha announcements on each of these projects in the coming months.

  • 1 Acquisition:
    We evaluated over a dozen acquisition opportunities. Each business we evaluated was cash flow positive and growing. We made 6 offers and successfully acquired a company called FormKeep. We are excited by FormKeep because we believe the market is large and recurring and, consequently, we have an opportunity to build a significant and profitable business in this space.

  • Furious T-Shirts!:
    Believe it or not, our t-shirts and other swag have been a big hit and the royalties keep coming in. Support us by picking up your distinctive Furious Bee gear here!

  • Lots of Great People:
    Dave and I started Furious Collective together without a definitive sense of who we would be working with along the way. That being said, we knew that great people would be the foundation for our success. We are grateful that, in the first year, we have had the privilege of working with some great talent from the past and met some new people as well. We are featuring some information about our Furious Chief Executive Officers below; however, we have several other team members who chose to remain anonymous for now and we are very grateful for them as well.
    • John Griffin (LinkedIn):
      John is an exciting, second time CEO based in Huntington Beach. He’s new to the tech sector but he’s not new to business leadership. If you are interested in leadership excellence and development, look for an an announcement regarding John’s company and invitation to join the alpha program in the coming weeks.
    • Keri Bailey Hintz (LinkedIn):
      Keri is an experienced marketing executive whom we’ve worked with before. As it turns out, Keri had been working on an idea very similar to an idea we had been working on at Furious Collective. We decided to join forces to bring it to life. Keri brings a ton of passion and insight for her project which we plan to launch before summer. If you have or know teenagers or young adults that are interested in learning how to start, grow and run a business online, send us a note and we will connect you with Keri.

We remain excited about our original thesis and, if anything, we’re emboldened by our progress. We have now seen first-hand that profitable software companies can be built with limited initial capital in a short period of time. So what’s in store in 2018?

  • FormKeep Expansion:
    We seek to double the top line of FormKeep while maintaining strong positive cash flow. This will require some experimentation and tinkering; however, we have already learned a lot from this first acquisition. Moreover, we have already begun to see growth and increased profitability since acquiring this business in October. If you have a design or marketing team who are moving fast and want a super quick way to capture website data while keeping your own branding and website look and feel without having to deal with databases and backends, have them check out!

  • Launching New Businesses Led by our Current CEO Team:
    Presently, we expect each of our current two CEOs to formally launch a business in 2018. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for a first look at the beta or first release of these products. We’re on the hunt for some technical minded founders to join them on their journey. If you know anyone who’s interested, please have them reach out to us!

  • Future Acquisitions and New Project Pipeline:
    We have a vibrant pipeline of opportunities on the incubation and acquisition side. Also, we have been acting as mentors and informal advisors to several entrepreneurs who are growing exciting businesses already. We expect to end 2018 with some new projects identified and, hopefully, in market from our present pipeline.

  • Funding and Capital:
    To date, Dave and I have been funding our activities with our own capital and from cash flow generated from FormKeep. We continue to entertain the possibility of forming a small investment fund in order to create an avenue for our friends and business associates to share in our success. We have not made a firm decision on this yet. Stay tuned.

Thanks for following our progress!

Rob and Dave