Furious Collective Wallpapers 2017

During the process of creating our business cards (because that's pretty much the second or third thing you do once you decide to start a new company) we ran across this amazing photographer of insects that you might have noticed being used around our websites. They were so awesome that we also decided to create desktop wallpapers out of the more arresting photos. When's the last time you changed your wallpaper, no really? 2016? 2012? You're not still using the stock OS wallpaper are you? 

Download the Furious Collective Wallpapers 2017


Dave and Rob

PS - Perhaps you're actually interested in wallpapers, maybe you've already got some amazing system that swaps in art every time you unlock your desktop, if you're using chrome and you might check out the Google Art Project extension. It's fantastic and there's a checkbox to have it change art for every new tab. We're not affiliated with it, just fans.