Great Culture Doesn't Make Great Companies, but ...

...Great Culture Makes Great Companies More Fun!

Last week, I read a post by EV Williams of Medium about Culture. Most of us understand that great culture is a positive force in any company. Recent headlines about Uber demonstrate that great companies can be built from within a broken culture; however, from experience, I can tell you that great culture makes great companies more fun for everyone and almost everyone can agree that it's better to win while having fun that it is to win in misery.  

I could write a book on how we systematically engineered our culture at KACE to drive high productivity and fun. But, I'll save that for another time. Williams' post, which you can find here, speaks to the role of company leaders in driving great culture. In the post, these words from Gruenter and Whitaker standout, "The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to tolerate." True that.  

As a leader or CEO you have to build pathways for great culture to grow and thrive and you also have to make some hard and decisive decisions about what you need to remove from your culture. That sometimes means firing a mis-aligned employee and, at other times, means strongly and immediately correcting cultural mis-steps. Though none of us are perfect, as CEOs and leaders, we must, of course, lead by example as well.

I'm proud to be an investor in FloQast not only because it's a great, fast-growing company but also because FloQast's CEO, Mike Whitmire, has put great culture at the top of his to do list. To see what I mean, check out video FloQast recently posted about its great culture (click here and scroll down to view the video on FloQast's About page). 

There's a lot more to cover on this topic and I encourage you to add to the conversation by commenting on this post. Also, follow the link at the bottom of Williams' article (click here) for some more reading. These posts are just the beginning of your journey engineering great culture.