Welcome To Furious Collective!

Furious Collective, really? Are you guys angry?

No, we are not angry but we are excited about starting a new company! Furious Collective.

As you may have read on our website, Furious Collective is a venture production studio.  We are turning things upside down in the realm of technology startups. Our plan is to create a collection of technology startups each focused on becoming profitable within 12 to 18 months of inception.

We believe that there is a time and place for traditional venture backed technology startups where big fund-raising, long development cycles and high burn rates are the norm. In fact, we’ve successfully operated in that model for years as founders and operators in successful businesses like AvantGo (NASDAQ IPO) and KACE (Acquired by Dell). However, we are excited about charting a new course with Furious Collective.

We are getting back to basics with a plan to launch a series of new companies each bootstrapped initially and, later, backed with a modest capital investment to go to market and move quickly to a sustainable, profitable state. To make this possible, we will be selecting opportunities that properly balance the upfront development required to bring a product to market with the expected go-to-market costs and overall market potential.  

We will utilize small, skilled development teams to bring new products to market and we will engineer highly efficient go-to-market channels and techniques. We will also share technology and go-to-market know-how between the various companies that we launch; thereby, creating even more efficiency for our collective.

A little more on our name. The words furious and collective are seldom used together and we found that appealing in a name, but there’s more to it than that. For us, furious is meant to convey more of a sense of energy and motion as in “fast and furious”. And, collective is about a group of people and companies working together for a common goal. The bee, of course, is a great icon to express the idea of Furious Collective.

Stay tuned here for periodic entries about Furious Collective as well as business insights and start-up lessons learned. We will also link to interesting content and articles that we find useful along the way. Also, we welcome you to join our mailing list here or contact us via this form.

Rob Meinhardt and Dave Kloba
Furious Collective